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Unexpected And Unusual Discoveries That Signal That The Relationship Is Over

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

There seems to be no limit to the unimaginable and unexpected ways spouses and intimate partners find out that the relationship is over. There are many instances when a spouse or partner accidentally discovers those incriminating LLP texts or photos on the other's computer or IPhone. But here is a twist on the old tale.

Many of us have installed a “Ring Doorbell” or other similar doorbell security devices at the entrances to our homes. These devices activate a camera which not only notifies the homeowner when there is a person or package at the front door but also creates a video which is preserved and available for viewing on the device's security site. Apparently these doorbells can also be useful in catching your spouse or partner in an illicit affair.

Kaylie Kristina and her husband installed such a device at the front door of their home. In October of 2021, Kaylie left the house to go on a previously planned family trip. Her husband stayed behind, claiming that he was "too sick to go" - an excuse which she found suspicious. When she returned home and checked the camera’s security footage, Kaylie saw her husband and a scantily clad woman sneaking out of the front door of the marital residence late at night. On the video, the husband is seen kissing the woman and grabbing her derriere as she leaves the home, gets into her car and blows him a kiss. The mystery woman was either a lover or a miracle worker since the husband appeared to have fully recovered from the illness which kept him from the family trip.

A few months later Kaylie posted the video on Tik Tok, where it has been viewed more than 5 million times –thereby insuring her husband’s 15 minutes of fame as a cheating spouse. Kaylie also changed the locks and excluded the husband from the house. So far his attempts at reconciliation have failed and I don't think he is coming back from this disaster. As Adele recently suggested maybe its time to think "Divorce Babe, Divorce."

Sometimes, however, the clues are much more subtle leaving ample room for ambiguity. How many of us have returned to our parked cars to find a note or flyer on the windshield? In January a wife in Australia found such a missive on the windshield of her husband’s car. However, it was not an advertisement. Rather it was an apparent love note which read; “I didn’t/couldn’t see you. We had to go – the kids were done lol. I’ll call you tomorrow. C”.

The discovery was made on the couple’s first wedding anniversary. The distraught wife dumped her husband despite his denials that he was cheating on her. The husband then went on the town’s Facebook community page begging the note writer to clear up mistake occasioned by the note.

Ultimately, the woman who had penned the note came forward and explained that she had put the note intended for someone else on the wrong car. According to the wife and her husband they then spoke to the note writer and “it’s all been sorted out.” Wow, that was close. Had the mystery writer not come forward the couple were definitely headed for divorce court.

Want another subtle clue. How about when your boyfriend suddenly makes you break out in hives? One woman found out her partner was cheating on her when he returned home and gave her a hug. The woman who is allergic to olapex, a hair care product designed to strengthen and beautify hair, immediately broke out into hives. The woman concluded that he had been with another lady with gorgeous hair. Seeing her immediate allergic reaction the woman then broke off her relationship with the hive-producing boyfriend. Her post to Tik Tok racked up over 6 million views, including many who voted in favor of the boyfriend's innocence.

Finally, in the early 1960’s Rudy Clark composed a song entitled “It’s In His Kiss”, reprised and made popular by Cher in the 1990’s. According to the lyrics, “if you want to know if he loves you so, it’s in his kiss. A woman from the United States shared on her Tik Tok account that she knew her fiancé was cheating on her when “he started kissing me differently”. The woman went on to say ‘I remember it so vividly. He came home one night and when he kissed me something felt different, like he was a stranger.” Well at least she did not break out in hives.

When questioned, the fiancé told her she was paranoid and just looking for a reason to be mad at him. However, the woman was so convinced that he was a cheater that she broke off the engagement, aided by the 66,000 Tik Tok users who agreed with her posting and told her to trust her instincts.

Apart from the unequivocal visual evidence garnered by the Ring Doorbell incident, the other circumstances cited above leave room for otherwise innocent explanations. However, as noted in another recent post ("Honey-Trapping: The Art of Uncovering Infidelity") 85% of women are correct when they think that their spouse or intimate partners are cheating on them. Said differently I would not bet against the women who concluded that their lovers had been unfaithful. Of course they could remove all doubt by hiring a private investigator or better yet a "honey-trapper.

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