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Top Divorce Attorney Reveals The Five Things You Should Never Do During Your Divorce No Matter How Tempting

During my extensive career as an attorney, I have seen many divorce clients sabotage themselves more completely and effectively than any spouse or adverse attorney could possibly do. There is no question that anger, hurt and rejection can deprive divorcing parties of all vestiges of rationality and common sense. But what are the top five mistakes that people frequently make and how can you avoid them?

I explore all of this in my article just published in "Your Tango" - an online magazine with millions of readers. I am pleased to have been invited by Your Tango to be a featured writer and expert on the subject of divorce. Many of my previous articles have appeared on this site. To view the current article on the five things you should never do in your divorce, click on the link below.


**Ronald Bavero is a highly regarded divorce attorney, legal educator and author of the critically acclaimed, five-star book, “An Elephant Doesn’t Marry A Giraffe – Everything I Learned As A Divorce Attorney.” This book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads and Draft2Digital. He also maintains a website where you can find more information about his book and other many other interesting and valuable articles about the process of divorce and separation. As noted above he has now been invited to share his wisdom as a divorce expert in "Your Tango" magazine


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