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Some time ago the musical group The Fifth Dimension famously sang about the wedding bell blues. The group asked the musical question "am I ever gonna' see my wedding day" - more particularly the wedding I have been imagining and planning for quite some time. As we know things do not always go as expected and the wedding day is no exception.

Recently, I wrote about the subject of "ghosting" where an intimate partner or spouse disappears without a trace and without a word. As discussed in that article ghosting is a cruel and painful way of ending a relationship. Perhaps, the worst example of this phenomenon was the bride who was ghosted on her wedding day. After a four year engagement Kayley Stead was supposed to wed Kallum Norton at a beautiful hotel located in Wales. Hundreds of guests arrived for the ceremony, everyone except the groom. He did not even have the courage to tell Kayley himself but instead had his father call her with the news that Kallum was not coming to the wedding. No other explanation was offered as to why Kallum had literally left Kayley at the altar. He simply disappeared without any word, apology or acknowledgement of the enormous pain he had inflicted.

While such a blow would have crushed other brides Kayley decided to go forward with her friends and family in a giant celebration. Said Kayley "I didn't want to remember this day as complete sadness...there were so many special moments so there was still happiness in the day." Of course Kayley did take the opportunity to smash the groom figure from the wedding cake. Nevertheless, she drew kudos and praise from the myriad of people who commented upon her remarkable strength and fortitude in the face of heartbreak.

As noted above, wedding days are intended to be joyful not painful events. In China a couple were married and then attended their wedding reception with hundreds of family members and friends. However, the groom had a special surprise in store for his new bride. While the couple took center stage a large video screen was lowered. The wedding guests murmured in anticipation of the video to come.

As the bride stood there with her bouquet the immense screen lit up with a graphic video entitled "Cheating Bride" which showed her having sex with her pregnant sister's husband. The reception descended into turmoil and the unmasked bride then threw her bouquet at her husband. The video has also been posted on Tik Tok where it garnered millions of views. However, many people wondered why the groom actually went through with the wedding given the fact that he would now need a divorce and possibly a return of the wedding gifts.

Finally, many prospective brides have spent numerous hours micromanaging the details of their wedding. For example one Australian bride recently sent out a video with her "non-negotiable wedding rules" - a list which, according to the bride, "may piss a few people off", such as no children under the age of 16, no lengthy speeches and no dessert other than the wedding cake "given how expensive it was." Others have forbidden the taking of photographs and videos by anyone other than the bride's official hand selected photographer or videographer.

However, as the expression goes, "the devil is in the details." It is important to carefully read your wedding invitation before it goes out. One bride crafted her own invitation and sent it to the printer. Since she had not yet created her wedding site she put a fun website on the draft of the wedding invitation as a "placeholder." You see this coming don't you? When the invitations came back from the printer she mailed them out to all her guests and family. The invitation suggested that anyone who wanted further information about the wedding should visit the couples' website located at "" Some guests spent hours searching the porn website trying to find the happy couple.


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