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Podcast - A Discussion about the Critically Acclaimed Book "An Elephant Doesn't Marry A Giraffe"

As many of you know, my recently released book, "An Elephant Doesn't Marry A Giraffe - Everything I Learned As A Divorce Attorney", has received critical acclaim, from verified purchasers, as reflected in the effusive five-star reviews posted by its readers.

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of doing a podcast with Professor Leslie Garfield Tenzer, a distinguished Professor of Law at Pace University's Haub School of Law. During the podcast Professor Garfield-Tenzer and I discussed my book, as well as many of the core principles included therein such as when to consult with a divorce attorney, how to hire the best attorney for your case, how to avoid the critical mistakes which undermine your divorce case and how to move past your divorce in a healthy way.

As of the present time, over 3,000 listeners have tuned in listen to the discussion and found the information contained in the podcast not only invaluable but also a fascinating.

Our podcast is available on Apple Podcasts or you can use the link above to hear it. I hope you enjoy our conversation and that you too will find the information helpful and interesting. You can leave your comments about the podcast on my website, or you can write to me at .

Please continue to support the book, which in available on Amazon Books, Barnes & Noble online and Draft2Digital. and keep the reviews coming. Thank you so much.


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