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One of The Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone


Many pundits have weighed into the debate about how and when to tell your spouse or significant other that the relationship is over. Opinions vary. Some suggest a quiet setting, such as the marital home. Others opt for public places where the one receiving the news is less likely to become overly emotional or enraged. However, perhaps one of the worst ways to “break the news” is to do it in a telephone call to the prison where you spouse is incarcerated awaiting trial.

According to various news reports, Scott Borgerson decided to tell his wife, Ghislaine Maxwell, that he was leaving her during a phone call while she was in solitary confinement. The infamous madam, charged and now convicted with child sex trafficking and other related offenses, spent over 550 days in jail awaiting trial. The couple’s lengthy separation and the salacious details that emerged from the criminal case apparently took a toll on the relationship.

Scott, who initially vowed to stand by her side, never attended a single day of the trial. What was he doing while his wife was on trial in New York? Various news reports and photos showed Borgerson squiring a young yoga instructor around Manchester-by-the Sea, Massachusetts.

However, sometime before the trial began Scott made the telephone call to the jail and informed Maxwell that he was moving on and was seeing someone else. Apparently the call did not go well and became confrontational, although Maxwell has much more serious issues to face, not the least of which is a lengthy prison sentence.

Despite current reality shows such as “Love in Prison’ and dating sites which link people looking for love to inmates and prisoners, what is known is that the incarceration of a spouse greatly increases the chances of a divorce, with each year of incarceration increasing the odds by 32%. At some point Borgerson and Maxwell will probably take another tour through the court system –the divorce court.

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