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Updated: May 9, 2022



When love turns to anger, hate or loathing, former lovers and spouses often find dramatic ways to communicate their feelings. For some reason, women seem to be particularly imaginative and creative in the ways they say goodbye.

Take the case of Missy Peterson, a real estate agent and mom of two. During her two year relationship with her former boyfriend he revealed to her that he spent time frequenting “strip clubs”, getting lap dances and having sex with some of the performers. When Missy threatened to leave him, he promised her that he would avoid such places and be true to her.

In the aftermath of his vow of chastity, he often disappeared for days on end, a clear signal that his cavorting ways were not over. Peterson then installed a GPS tracker on his vehicle and one night was able to track her boyfriend to one of his favorite hangouts. She could have simply confronted him when he got home but that was much too simple. Instead, Missy went to her closet and picked out her sexiest outfit, a wig and her best high-heeled shoes.

Peterson then went down to the strip club and gained access to the performers’ dressing room. When Missy explained to these ladies that she wanted to surprise her soon to be ex-boyfriend, they dressed her up, lent her their best “stripper shoes” and even coached her on some moves she could use on the pole in the lounge. Missy, who had never even been to a strip club, then made her way to the stage where she seductively danced to a tune from Rihanna right in front of her boyfriend.

While he was not amused and in fact angry, other patrons cheered loudly, throwing money at her. Peterson then scooped up the money, “flipped him the bird” and told the boyfriend that he “will never see her again” – a promise that she kept. She then returned to her career as a real estate agent, despite the job offer from the owner of the strip club.

This circumstance is mild compared to the harrowing saga of an Australian woman named Noela Rukundo who was married for ten years to Balenga Kalala. The husband, who erroneously thought she was cheating on him, hired a group of hit men to kill her. The assailants kidnapped Rukundo for several days, taking her to an abandoned building and tying her to a chair. The men wanted to know what she had done to her husband to make him want to kill her. When she refused to believe that her husband was behind this they called him and asked what they should do with her. His response, heard by Noela on the speaker phone, was “kill her.”

Fortuitously, the kidnappers knew her brother and decided not to carry out the plot but did manage to fleece the husband out of the money for the hit. They told the husband that Noela was dead but instead released her and gave her recordings of their conversations with Kalala along with receipts for the $7,000 contract price.

Armed with the incriminating evidence Rukundo could have simply gone to the police and had him arrested. Instead, she waited until her husband had arranged her funeral. He told their friends and relatives that Noela had died in a tragic accident.

When the last of the mourners had left the funeral -her funeral- Rukundo appeared from behind a tree, startling her husband who was terrified and kept repeating “is it my eyes….is it a ghost.” Noela replied “surprise, I am still alive.” When he touched her shoulder and found it very much solid, Kalala told her “I am sorry for everything.” He was even sorrier when Noela called the police and had him arrested. Ultimately, Kalala was convicted and sentenced to 9 years in jail.

Apart from the millions of Tik-Tok viewers who have commented on this amazing story, a 2021 Lifetime film was made based upon her story called "Death Saved My Life."

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