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Exciting News - The Book You’ve Been Waiting For Is Here

Many of you know that I have written a book filled with invaluable advice and amazing, true stories about the world of separation and divorce. The book is entitled "An Elephant Doesn't Marry A Giraffe - Everything I Learned As A Divorce Attorney."

I am pleased and proud to tell you that the book has been accepted for publication and is now available for purchase. Three versions of the book, (Hardcopy, Paperback and Ebook), can be found in the Amazon Book Store. To view the books and select your favorite version from Amazon you can use this link. You can also find the Ebook and Paperback versions on the Barnes and Noble site, using this Barnes and Noble link as well as Apple Ebooks and Google Ebooks from this link.

A book is only a beginning for a writer. A reader completes it. So, why and who should read this book?

In the first instance, this book is for everyone who is, has or is about to go through a divorce. Or perhaps you have a client, friend or relative who is need of some direction. What is unique about this book on divorce is that its invaluable advice does not come from dry, solemn pronouncements or preachy sermons but rather from a multitude of true, compelling stories which dramatically illustrate, in practical terms, what divorcing spouses need to know and how to avoid the critical mistakes which undermine their divorce cases.

For those who have already ridden on the matrimonial merry-go-round, these true divorce stories also represent validation that the process of divorce can test everyone’s sanity.

Finally, many people will read the book for the sheer laugh-out-loud comedy and intrigue of people involved in epic divorce battles that make the movie "The War of the Roses" seem tame by comparison.

Once you have finished reading the book, in whatever version or on whichever site, please consider leaving your review of the book. Reviews are the life-blood of all published books. Books need customer reviews to survive in the same way that we humans need air. Even a few words are helpful. You can create a review by clicking on this Amazon link or input the URL into the browser of your computer, smart phone or PDA. For Barnes and Noble or the other sites follow the directions for publishing a review.

Finally, thank you all, for your support and encouragement in the completion of this endeavor. Please purchase the book today and feel free to give me your honest feedback after you have finished reading it. You can reach me through my website

Ronald J. Bavero , Esq.


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