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Where To Turn When You Don't Have Money To Burn on Your Divorce?

The process of divorce is not only one of the most difficult, emotionally draining, gut wrenching experiences that one can go through, but also one of the most expensive. Unlike other devastating life circumstances, such as car accidents and medical emergencies, where the financial expenses associated with these misfortunes are often covered by insurance, that is not the case when someone is involved in a divorce. Divorce retainers, court fees and subsequent payments for legal and expert fees are all extremely costly "out-of-pocket" expenses paid by the parties immersed in the process.

I have often said within the context of my divorce practice that "there is no good money paid in a divorce." Very few people would think it prudent, enjoyable or financially rewarding to spend huge amounts of money on divorce related fees and expenses simply to end a marriage. While it may be wise and necessary to do so, it still is costly and often beyond the financial resources of the warring spouses. It has been estimated that Americans spend more than $11 Billion dollars a year on the legal industry related to divorce.

While there is "no good money" spent on a divorce, often "the most valuable money" is that spent on a good consultation with an ethical and experienced divorce attorney. Most divorce lawyers charge for their consultations, typically $500, which last for approximately one hour. A good consultation, one based in reality and achievable results, usually gets the potential client well grounded. A bad consultation, one motivated by the lawyer's financial self-interest or desire to be retained, will have the clients chasing illusory goals and paying unnecessary legal fees to unscrupulous attorneys.

Even though a "good consultation" is extremely valuable it has its limits. It has been my experience that the potential client "hears" or "comprehends" only half of what is said by the attorney in the consultation. Moreover, the consultation only lasts for approximately one hour, thereby limiting the issues that can be covered.

What if there was a resource that offers not simply an hour's worth of information but 40 years of invaluable divorce experience for a fraction of the price of a consultation?

My recently released book, entitled "An Elephant Doesn't Marry A Giraffe - Everything I Learned As A Divorce Attorney", is such a resource. Three versions of the book, (Hardcopy, Paperback and Ebook), can be found in the Amazon Book Store. To select your favorite version from Amazon you can use this link. You can also find the Ebook and Paperback versions on the Barnes and Noble site, using this Barnes and Noble link as well as Apple Ebooks and Google Ebooks from this link.

In the short time since its release, it has garnered effusive, unanimous, five-star reviews from those people contemplating divorce or separation, those in the midst of or coming out of one, divorce attorneys, divorce coaches, mental health professionals, mediators, counsellors and former clients. Here are just few of the comments by verified purchasers:

"An Elephant Doesn't Marry A Giraffe, his first book, is nothing less than a work of art. It is filled to the brim with the kind of insights that can only be learned through empathy and lived experiences.... It's equal parts heartbreak and hilarity - with lessons to be learned from both - for those who have loved and lost (and those who are still in love and want to stay there)."

"Anyone, and I mean anyone, contemplating a divorce should read this wonderful, well-written book before speaking to a lawyer. It is filled with important advice about what is ahead; how to choose a lawyer, how to manage your emotional reactivity, how to avoid wasting money, and how to move on when it is over."

"From what to expect during the initial consultation, to the sobering prospect of legal costs – from the strategic benefits of settlement, to the realization that trial ultimately takes no prisoners –this book is a must read for anyone facing that supreme out of body experience called divorce."

"Truly a must-read for anyone who is/has/may be or knows someone who is going through one of life's biggest challenges.....Hits the sweet spot between practical application and entertainment."

"The author has offered an awesome read on a very tough subject. It was done with clear explanations and great humor! Everyone thinking of marriage should be sure to read this book before saying "I DO".

"As a psychologist who has treated many divorcing couples and read many books on the topic, Ron Bavero's caught my attention with its unusual title -- An Elephant Doesn't Marry a Giraffe....Bavero shares a huge fund of knowledge and experience about divorce in this very well written book. I'd recommend it for anyone thinking of divorce, immersed in the process and for those involved in working with couples."

"This book is an excellent resource for any person going through a divorce or contemplating a divorce....Follow the road-map and you will achieve your goals."

To see all of the reviews you can click on this link or this one.

In the final analysis, this book on divorce will not only better prepare you for the emotional and difficult road ahead but also save you tens of thousands of dollars.

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