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It is both heartening and humbling to see that the reviews of my book have been so effusive in their praise and comments. Take a look at some of the five-star reviews posted on Amazon from verified purchasers:

"An Elephant Doesn't Marry A Giraffe, his first book, is nothing less than a work of art. It is filled to the brim with the kind of insights that can only be learned through empathy and lived experiences....It's equal parts heartbreak and hilarity - with lessons to be learned from both - for those who have loved and lost (and those who are still in love and want to stay there)."

"Ron Bavero skillfully combines humorous anecdotes and practical advice for all readers, whether you are considering a divorce or trying to avoid one. Entertaining and enlightening."

"Truly a must-read for anyone who is/has/may be or knows someone who is going through one of life's biggest challenges.....Hits the sweet spot between practical application and entertainment."

"The author has offered an awesome read on a very tough subject. It was done with clear explanations and great humor! Everyone thinking of marriage should be sure to read this book before saying "I DO".

"Very enjoyable book that combines helpful information and great humor while providing an interesting perspective about relationships among people."

"This book is an excellent resource for any person going through a divorce or contemplating a divorce....Follow the road-map and you will achieve your goals."

"Bavero's book is very informative as well as funny and entertaining. With 46+ years of marriage it is my humble opinion this book shares a lot of excellent advice regarding any relationship."

"The stories are hilarious and yet informative at the same time."

"Who would have thought that a book about divorce would be an incredible page-turner that you just cannot put down....The author (Ron Bavero) has a true gift for writing witty prose on a subject that typically lacks any humor."

Please keep the reviews coming in and pass on the news about this book to all of your friends, relatives, acquaintances and clients who may be in need of some help and direction in navigating their relationships with their spouses or ex-spouses.

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