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RONALD J. BAVERO, Esq. has been practicing matrimonial and family law for almost forty years. Ron is a highly experienced and respected trial attorney who has handled complex litigations in the various trial and appellate courts of New York.

Consistently recognized as one of the top divorce attorneys in this field, Mr. Bavero is listed in America's Most Honored Attorneys - Top 1%, Super Lawyers of New York, Top Attorneys in the New York Metro Area, Top 25 Attorneys in Westchester County; Who’s Who in American Law and Martindale-Hubbell’s “Preeminent Ratings for Attorneys” – the highest rating an attorney can achieve for both legal ability and ethics. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, a nationwide and highly respected organization of selected divorce professionals and has served on the Executive Committee of the New York Bar Association Family Law Section. Ron is also a former Co-Chair of the Family Law Section Committees on Adoption and the Committee on Judicial Relations, as well as Chair of the Westchester Bar’s Family Law Committee.


In addition to his divorce practice, he is an esteemed educator and is listed in Who’s Who in Legal Educators. Mr. Bavero taught Matrimonial Law and Practice as an Adjunct Professor at Pace University School of Law, between 2001 and 2016 and also was Adjunct Professor of Law at Pace University’s Lubin School of Business from 1986 to 2001.

For over fifteen years Ron also was a regular lecturer for the Family Law Section of the New York State Bar Association and more recently has lectured across the State of New York to other divorce attorneys, as a frequent presenter for Matlaw, a renowned Continuing Legal Education Program, as part of it’s popular annual updates and specialized seminars on topics including matrimonial law, evidence, trial practice, custody matters and divorce mediation.

Throughout his career, Ron has been prolific author of professional articles and educational materials. His works have been published in the New York Law Journal, the Pace Law Review and the St John’s Law Review, to name a few. In conjunction with his work as an educator and lecturer he has also published numerous matrimonial and family law articles, on topics such as complex financial divorce matters, alimony, child support, custody, adoption, evidence, trial practice, arbitration and domestic violence. In addition, he is contributing writer and recognized divorce expert by Your Tango - an online publishing

magazine with over thirteen million readers each month. 


Drawing upon his many years as a practicing divorce attorney, as well as  his experience as an educator and author, Mr. Bavero has just completed work on a book, "An Elephant Doesn't Marry A Giraffe; Everything I Learned As A Divorce Attorney," in which he shares not only his experiences but also offers sound, practical and invaluable advice to people who have or are about to embark upon the journey of divorce. This book is available on Amazon, Barnes &Noble and Draft2Digital and has garnered effusive, unanimous Five-Star Reviews from judges, fellow divorce practitioners, mediators, mental health professionals, divorce coaches, former clients, as well as a host of people embarking upon the difficult journey called divorce.




                  "An Elephant Doesn’t Marry a Giraffe –

                       Everything I Learned as a Divorce Attorney"

                                   by Ronald J Bavero, Esq. 

Our experiences growing up, prepare us for many of life’s future milestones – Work, Careers, Relationships, Love and Marriage. What these experiences do not prepare you for is one of the most common, stressful and devastating events that can occur during one’s lifetime - DIVORCE. This critically acclaimed book, written by a successful veteran divorce attorney, Ronald J. Bavero, Esq., is filled with invaluable divorce information, tips, and strategies which substitute for this missing life skill or body of knowledge.


It is for everyone who is, has or is about to go through a divorce. What is unique about this book on divorce is that its invaluable advice does not come from dry, solemn pronouncements or preachy sermons but rather from a multitude of true, compelling stories which dramatically illustrate, in practical terms, what divorcing spouses need to know and how to avoid the critical mistakes which undermine their divorce cases. This book is designed to help divorcing parties and their attorneys achieve the best possible outcomes in their divorce cases.

Some of the areas covered in the book are; when to consult with a divorce attorney; how to select the best divorce attorney for your case; what to tell and not tell your divorce attorney; what are the costs of divorce, both emotionally and financially; what are the key mistakes which divorcing parties make; how to move past your divorce in a healthy way.


For those who have already ridden on the matrimonial merry-go-round, these true divorce stories also represent validation that the process of divorce can test everyone’s sanity. Many readers have commented that the stories in the book are alone worth the read. 


In the final analysis, this compelling book will better prepare people for the life-altering experience that is divorce, as well as life after divorce. You can locate the book in your favorite version (Hardcover, Paperback or Ebook) on the Amazon Book site or Barnes and Noble Books, as well as Apple Ebooks and Google Ebooks.



James B. Sexton - Attorney & Author

"Nothing less than a work of art. It is filled to the brim with the kind of insights that can only be learned through empathy and lived experience"

"Olivia" - Verified purchaser

"This book is a must read for anyone facing that supreme out of body experience called divorce. Takes you on an enlightening and highly entertaining journey across the deep sea of divorce, replete with warnings about the depth charges lurking beneath the surface."


"A discussion of the complex considerations of divorce - beginning to end. Told with actual stories from a lifetime of experience. Delivered with incredible humor and wit. Resulting in such an enjoyable read that the pages fly by and you learn from without effort.


"This book is rare and checks the with a serious topic, gives excellent advice, reflects humor and does so in an unassuming way."

Brad Houtari

 “The book both entertains and informs and is brilliantly written by a very talented writer. It has my strongest recommendation."


The book is filled with wonderfully relevant, practical and entertaining stories illustrating what to do and not to do.

Matbu - Verified Purchaser

"A must read for anyone going through a divorce or attorneys in the field"

John W. Jacobs, M.D.

"Anyone, and I mean anyone, contemplating a divorce should read this wonderful book before speaking to a lawyer. It is filled with important advice about what is ahead...Highly recommended."


"Packed in as many laughs as it did critical tidbits of practical and real life advice for anyone considering going through or recovering from a divorce."


"Entertaining but loaded with important information.It hooks you right from the beginning. Great book."

In case you missed it

On April 1st Ron was a guest on the First Friday show with Shari Gordon and Kristen Browde on WVOX 1460 AM. Have a listen as this esteemed group of divorce attorneys discuss Ron's upcoming book, what the record number of weddings planned in 2022 means for divorce rates down the road and other topics inspired by this site. 


Client Testimonials

Ron saved my sanity! He was my divorce attorney and necessary bulwark against an abusive and litigious husband. Since my divorce issues lasted almost as long as the Ice Age, I'm certainly qualified to evaluate and praise Ron's legal skills, patience, diligence, and delightfully irreverent wit. For those who practice family law, Ron's book provides a well-seasoned recipe for success and comes generously peppered with Ron's unique brand of salty humor!

Vicki Lutz

Former Client and Domestic Violence Expert

I am not sure how I found Ron but I am so grateful that I did. Ron's innate ability to be calm and compassionate while I was the opposite,
was a tonic. At a time when I was confused and conflicted Ron's quiet strength gave me back the confidence that my life was in fact not falling apart. I did not want a protracted, dragged out divorce. Thanks to Ron's expertise and negotiating skills, Ron delivered just that. He TOTALLY dispels the theory that once the lawyers get involve the animosity begins. 

Scott Davidson

Former Client

Can divorce be a pleasant experience?  If your attorney is Ron Bavero, the answer is unequivocally yes!! Being represented by Ron was the best decision I could have ever made. If I was concerned at the onset that Ron was too nice to be up against my now ex-husband, who is also an attorney, watching him strategize throughout my two year stint with him was like watching a professional chess championship and it became clear that Ron does not lose. Sitting next to him in a courtroom was fascinating. While not an advocate for divorce, I am a huge advocate of having Ron Bavero as your divorce attorney.  

Debra Compton

Former Client

Ron Bavero is one of the finest matrimonial attorneys I know. He is the consummate professional and an avid student of both the law and human nature. His wisdom and scintillating sense of humor shine brightly from the pages of his upcoming masterful work on the subject of divorce. 

Timothy Tippins

Colleague and Head of Matlaw

Experienced divorce attorney in Westchester County handling complex financial cases and contested custody cases. A genius at organization and knowledge of matrimonial law. Anything he writes is worth reading. 

Cynthia LaClair


Ron is the best trial attorney I have ever seen. He was completely prepared, obviously cared, and handled himself well at every turn. He knows the law thoroughly and makes solid decisions; whether in the heat of the moment or in his prep for the case. To top it all off, he is a decent, nice guy. I cannot endorse Ron more strongly.

Sam Jensen

Former Client

I had the distinct pleasure of being represented by Ron in a prolific custody case that lasted several years. Ron is a tremendous lawyer and litigator. More importantly, he is an even better person. Ron is not only an excellent orator who commands a courtroom but he is also an extremely gifted writer with a penchant for witty prose that captures one of his greatest personality traits - a fantastic sense of humor. Despite the significant challenges involved in my case, Ron always remained positive and even keeled throughout the entire grueling process. His unwavering support, keen observations and invaluable advice (along with Mr. Tim Tippin's sage wisdom) were all critically important to our ultimate legal success. Ron is simply the best!

Robert Vialardi

Former Client


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